South West Herts and Harrow

Olivia Mansfield, Sling Swing in South-West Hertfordshire and Harrow

Hi I’m Olivia, I’m so excited to be taking on this venture and bring Sling Swing to Hemel Hempstead, Watford and maybe more in the future!

I have a little boy who’s 19 months and I’ve carried him from a teeny 5 day old new born right up to this week, and will continue to do so, I just love baby wearing and I’m looking forward to helping families in my local area discover more of the benefits and fun you can find when wearing!

Originally I trained to be a primary school teacher but once dink arrived I just knew I wasn’t ready to go back to that yet and as maternity leave came and went I was looking for an opportunity that would mean I would be able to take him to work. I’ve been volunteering at the My local Sling and cloth nappy library so had heard of sling swing before, then I saw an advert for running my own Sling Swing and I had to find out more!

I love that I can continue with my passion for teaching as well baby wearing by delivering the classes and I get to keep fit at the same time! Dancing has always made me feel good, add the extra endorphins released when baby wearing and what’s not to love!

Looking forward to seeing you at a class soon!

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