Lucy Bartlett, Sling Swing in Swindon

Hi, my name’s Lucy and I’ve purchased the Swindon franchise from the lovely Amy, who set up Sling Swing Swindon 5 years ago! Gemma will be teaching the classes for me, and her details and picture will follow shortly, but for now, see below for a bit about me from the Bristol page…as that’s the franchise area that I initially set up and teach at!

Lucy Bartlett, Sling Swing in Bristol

I took Leo to this Sling Swing class whilst on maternity leave and it was easily the most sociable, friendly group that we did. I loved how I could do a bit of exercise, and gain some “me” time, whilst Leo slept or just chilled in the sling!

We were in Swindon whilst I was on maternity leave, but we are moving back to Bristol where I grew up and my family live. Therefore, I saw a fab opportunity to set up Sling Swing Bristol and hopefully create the social hub/community that Sling Swing Swindon has established.

The group’s are all very friendly, with like minded mums (and dad’s occasionally), and we do a warm up, some gentle dancing (we’re talking grapevine, side steps, air guitar, box step, shimmys, a bit of cha cha/salsa, waves, …so fairly simple steps) for 30-40 mins, that we do to a variety of songs, and throughout the term work on the same 5-6 songs, so by the end you’ll be pros – or continue to have two left feet, but hopefully still be having a giggle!! Then a cool down followed by the chance to sit down and have a chat with the other mums whilst having a tea/coffee/biscuits and the babies can either continuing snoozing (as most of them probably will be by the end of class), or have a play on the sensory blanket with the toys that I bring.

My other job is in finance, but my goal is to have a better work/life balance and eventually be running a number of Sling Swing classes throughout Bristol.

In my spare time – haha – ok, so I haven’t really had much spare time since Leo arrived, I practice Taekwondo, love being out and about with Leo and my other half Dave, taking Leo swimming or to soft play, or the local parks. Oh, and eating, that’s my other favourite hobby, especially chocolate!! I can provide a selection of slings for you to try if you don’t have your own yet which you can use in class. The classes are aimed at babywearers and non-babywearers who fancy giving it a go!


Sling Swing Classes

  • Monday, 10:15-11:15am – Rodbourne
  • Tuesday, 1:00-2:00pm – Old Town
  • Thursday, 10:45-11:45am – Abbey Meads

Beanie Boppers Classes

  • Monday, 9:30-10:00am – Rodbourne
  • Tuesday, 2:00-2:30pm – Old Town
  • Thursday, 9:30-10:00am – Abbey Meads
  • Thursday, 10:00-10:30am – Abbey Meads

Dance with Bump Classes

  • Tuesday, 6:15-7:30pm – Rodbourne

Class Locations

Abby Meads

The Church of Christ the Servant, 4 Elstree Way, Swindon SN25 4YX

Old Town

Eastcott Community Centre, 7 Savernake Street, off Eastcott Hill, Swindon, SN1 3LZ


Rodbourne Methodist Church, Rodbourne Road, Swindon, SN2 2AX

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