Meet the people of Sling Swing – Nikky Ginns, Ayrshire

In this week’s post about the people of Sling Swing, we learn 10 things about Nicky Ginns, organiser of Sling Swing classes in Ayrshire.

  1. My name is Nikky and I’m 30.
  2. I have 2 kids, a boy who is 6 and a 7 month old girl.
  3. I get bored doing one thing so have a few part time jobs/volunteer posts.
  4. I like craft things and have way more craft supplies than I know what to do with.. I also can’t resist buying more.
  5. I have an HND in fitness, health and exercise.
  6. I am a qualified baby wearing consultant and peer supporter.
  7. I helped set up and run Ayrshire Sling Library offering advice and hire of baby carriers throughout Ayrshire.
  8. Also running Sling Swing Ayrshire. Love teaching these simple dances and the bond it encourages.
  9. Always on the look out for new adventures and meeting new people.
  10. I’m on maternity leave at the moment and enjoying time with my little ones. Looking forward to being able to take along my tiny one while teaching Sling Swing as well.

Nikky, Sling Swing Ayrshire