Beanie Boppers

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Sling Swing Beanie Boppers is our toddler and pre-schooler dance class.
The sessions are action packed and full of fun!

Classes are suitable for both boys and girls aged from 18 months to 5.
The classes allow your little boppers to dance next to you in a well led, clear dance and movement to music class loaded with funky dance moves, stories, games, activities, props, great music and of course bubbles.

Every session provides little ones with the opportunity to release all of their pent up energy, dance, sing, stamp, roll, jump, stretch, balance, play, imagine and so much more all in a safe environment.

They are given the opportunity to bring their favourite doll or toy to wear in their own little sling (provided by your teacher) so they can be just like mum or dad.

Got another baby? You are very welcome to bring them along to class and of course wear them in a sling or carrier whilst you join in the Beanie Boppers session with your child!

Each half term has a different them or dance style – examples include Magic, Cowboys, Under the Sea, Strictly Come Dancing, 70s, Transport, Winter Wonderland, Dancing around the world and more!

Why Beanie Boppers? Why dance?

  • Brain development
  • Develop coordination, rhythm, gross/fine motor skills
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Language development
  • Body part awareness
  • Spatial awareness
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Keeping fit and active
  • Social skills
  • Turn taking
  • Sharing
  • Musical awareness

Beanie Boppers also offer these fantastic sessions perfectly matched to the Early Year’s Foundation Stage Framework- to Early Years settings – please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements