Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the classes offered by Sling Swing and about baby-wearing in general.

What is the recommended minimum age that the baby should be?

Recommended minimum age for baby is 6 weeks as by this time they are stronger and more able to be carried comfortably in a sling or carrier. Also by this time a lot of moms will have had their 6 week postnatal check up with their health care provider. If the mom has had a C-Section then we ask that you wait 12 weeks before attending Sling Swing classes and that you have been given the go ahead by your health care provider.

Do I have to use a certain type/style of carrier?

You may use whatever carrier/sling that you wish too but we recommend using one that is safe and comfortable. Younger babies will probably be best in the tummy to tummy upright position seated nice and high and facing mum or dad. Older/heavier babies may be easier and more comfortable for you on your back but the important thing is you do what is best for you and your little one.
Please check out our sling advice page for links to websites and documents for baby wearing and various slings. Remember if you are not sure there will be a small selection of different slings and carriers on the day that you will be able to try.

Do I have to own a sling?

There will always be spare slings and carriers available at classes that you are welcome to try out. As there are so many different kinds available you can try some different ones out over a few classes to see which one feels right for you. We provide you with full instructions for the slings and can point you in the direction of further advice.

What should I wear?

It is important that you wear something that you feel comfortable and cool in as you will be moving about whilst wearing your baby. Shoes should be flat (trainers etc)

What should my baby wear?

We recommend that your baby/infant wears only one layer of clothing as they will also be wearing the sling/carrier and may get too warm.

Do I need to be fit to take part in the classes?

Classes are gentle movement classes that you take at your own pace and level – there is the option to pick up the pace but also to take it as easy as you like. You are welcome to take a break and/or tend to your baby at any point during the class and take things at your level. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the class.

Is my child too old/heavy for the class?

Good standard, soft structured carriers, slings and wraps are designed to carry children up to preschool age and as long as you use a suitable carrier then you will still be able to join in with your child!

What if my child doesn’t like being in the sling?

Most parents find that their children, even when they haven’t been worn before, love to be in the sling or carrier.

I have an older child – can I bring them to the class?

There is the option to bring your child to our Sling Swing Junior classes where you are welcome to Swing with your baby whilst your older child joins in alongside you! They can even bring their favourite teddy or doll to wear in a sling so they can be just like you!