Jessica Cook, Sling Swing in Colchester

Jessica Cook, Sling Swing Colchester

My name is Jessica and I am married to Jonathan and a mother to Annabelle. I moved to Colchester just before Annabelle’s birth and had lots of time to look at things to do with my new born child. I have a degree in Music and Performing Arts and have taught singing, dance and drama for over 8 years. So one activity I really wanted to do was dance with my baby. I was very lucky in that Sling Swing classes were just about to launch when we moved to Colchester. So we joined and became regular attendees and have both got so much from the sessions, from cheeky naps for Annabelle to some gentle movement for me, this has all helped create a greater bond with Annabelle through carrying her in the sling, we loved every minute of being in the classes!

The opportunity has now arisen for me to take over Sling Swing classes in Colchester, so here I am, about to step into the unknown of being my own boss. I am very passionate about dance and even more so about carrying your baby in a sling correctly, as I have carried Annabelle in a variety of slings nearly every day since she was born. I completed my peer support training in babywearing with SlingStart in July 2018. There are so many options to safely carry your baby, and when you add dance into the mix, it is even more enjoyable for everyone.

I look forward to sharing giggles, routines, sling tips and more. See you at a class soon.

Sling Swing Classes

  • Thursday, 10:30am – Class conducted over Whereby

Beanie Boppers Classes

  • Wednesday, 10:00am – Mini session conducted over Whereby

Contact Me

You can contact me via the form below or via our Facebook page.

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