Special guests and superpowers.

Lynsey; Sling Swing franchisee, North-West London

I had a couple of special visitors at class recently. Alongside my regular sling swingers, the lovely Peter and Emily Andre dropped into a class as part of nPower’s Parenting Superpowers campaign. My super power is teaching parents and carers to dance in sync with their babies. I give them half an hour of “me time” where they can forget about the sleep deprivation, dirty nappies, school runs, housework and just lose themselves in the music while snuggling their little one close. There are no expectations in class – as long as you are smiling and moving you are doing it right. Sling Swing puts the “me” in mummy 😝 That’s why I won Beat Me Time activity in the What’s in 4 Juniors award 2016. Finally
a class especially for mums, dads & carers which little ones love!

The Andres were correctly fitted with an ergonomic sling and joined in the class using our friendly Hillingdon Sling Library demo dolls Ruby & Francis.

A very memorable day for all my lovely mummies and babies!

Why not pop to a local Sling Swing class – you never know who you may